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Dreaming is a Muscle

Dreaming is a Muscle
By Jeeyoon Kim  • Issue #30 • View online
Hello friends!
Ever since my book Whenever You’re Ready has been published I’ve been having a lot of interviews about it in podcasts, for newspapers, magazines etc. It is interesting to observe that one of the most asked questions in those interviews has been 
What do you mean by ‘dreaming is a muscle’?
I as a pianist and teacher have experienced that we often put ourselves in a box and allow ourselves to play only within the box - a place where everything is visible and predictable. When we try to reach beyond those limits, the judging rational mind and our limited worldview often work against it, censoring free thinking. It is as if there was always someone (most likely yourself) ridiculing the idea - the dreams outside that box - as soon as you think of it. Seriously, what is wrong with dreaming, being open to a new possibility, a new crazy thought that may not seem possible now? 
Why not?
Honestly, I don’t think I’d play at the Carnegie Hall if I didn’t dream about it. I don’t think I’d write a book if I didn’t dream about it. I don’t think I’d be surfing if I didn’t dream of it in my wildest fantasy. Every crazy and wildest idea that visits my mind, I have tried to do my best to keep my judgmental side at bay and protect my dreamer to keep dreaming without a limit. We have a limited vision. It is impossible to predict the future. We never know what the future holds, what opportunities may come along, what people we will meet, or what events will affect who we become. I believe that dreaming even in the vaguest form plants a seed in the head which can grow in a direction in which we might move in the grand scheme of life. 
The tiniest step 
There is another important fact here that I would like to emphasize. The fact that I called the Carnegie Hall. I just picked up the phone and called. The fact that I wrote the first sentence of what could possibly become my book. That first step made a huge impact on the dream becoming reality. There were only two things I needed to do - dream and take the first possible step. If I am ready, the dream will catch me at the right time. If dreaming is planting a maple seed, adding water is the first step. There will often be many long periods of waiting and simply working without much progress, but without the seed planted and the first step of adding water we will never grow a tree. 
What about you?
Do you dream? If you could run wild with something you create, or your work or a hobby, what would the dream look like? Remember, this is just a game and a muscle building exercise in your mind. It is really fun to create a huge circle around you and allow yourself to play without that close boundary which you build. Be a crazy dreamer. I am cheering for your journey as a fellow dreamer. 
Have a wonderful week! 💕

My favorite things this week
  1. A book - The Code by Shaun Tomson. As an author and a surfer I really appreciate the connection that Shaun makes between surfing and the life lessons he learned from it. The power of ‘I will’. The world today is very much like a wave: it’s shifting and changing virtually every second. We are defined by the decisions we make in this dynamic environment. I love this book and highly recommend it. 
  2. An audible book - It made sense to me to read my book for an audio book. I discovered two things in the process - 1. it felt like I was meeting myself by reading my writing out loud. A very interesting experience. 2. I have a Korean accent when I speak English. I especially don’t know how to properly pronounce the word ‘musicians’. (And what other ways are there to pronounce this word, really….?) I had to repeat this word a hundred times before getting a green light for the book. I don’t think I mastered the word yet though. (big sigh) Meet me in this audio book and I promise that it will be an exciting journey! 
My favorite Music This Week
Bach Goldberg Variationen BWV 988 András Schiff C=256hz
Bach Goldberg Variationen BWV 988 András Schiff C=256hz
You may not have an hour and 11 minutes to listen to the entire Goldberg Variation, but treat yourself at least the main aria and the first variation (first 5 minutes) to give you a peaceful start for your day.
Quote of the Week
love is not:
i will give this to you
if you do this for me
love is:
i will give this to you
so that you may shine
-true love does not hurt; attachments do
Yung Pueblo from inward
Tweet of the Week
Jeeyoon Kim, pianist
April 3, 2021 at 1:33 p.m. This is when I encountered my book, Whenever You’re Ready, in person for the first time after living inside my brain for years. I will cherish this moment forever. Hello #wheneveryoureready , welcome to the earth! 😘📝 ⁦@GreenleafBookGr
This Week's Video to Highlight
Jeeyoon Kim discussing WHENEVER YOU'RE READY w/Susan Farese
Jeeyoon Kim discussing WHENEVER YOU'RE READY w/Susan Farese
I have to have a chance to have a wonderful conversation with my favorite bookstore in San Diego - Warwick’s Bookstore! It is an elegant and sophisticated independent bookstore. I know we get most things online, but please support your local bookstores whenever you can! I am glad they saved this conversation for you to watch it, even though you might have missed it!
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Jeeyoon Kim

Hi, I am Jeeyoon, classical pianist, educator, author, podcaster and YouTuber from US, originally from South Korea. I am passionate about creating a classical music more relevant and friendly to everyone, creating a bridge between me and audiences, and sharing behind the scenes of a life of classical pianist. I write bi-weekly newsletter with some thoughts, life lessons and interesting articles I discovered during those weeks.

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