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Three Gratitudes

Three Gratitudes
By Jeeyoon Kim  • Issue #20 • View online
Hello friends!
I want to share a beautiful poem that I came across last week called ‘Three Gratitudes’ by a singer-songwriter Carrie Newcomer.
Every night before I go to sleep
I say out loud
Three things that I’m grateful for,
All the significant, insignificant
Extraordinary, ordinary stuff of my life.
It’s a small practice and humble,
And yet, I find I sleep better
Holding what lightens and softens my life
Ever so briefly at the end of the day.
Sunlight, and blueberries,
Good dogs and wool socks,
A fine rain,
A good friend,
Fresh basil and wild phlox,
My father’s good health,
My daughter’s new job,
The song that always makes me cry,
Always at the same part,
No matter how many times I hear it.
Decent coffee at the airport,
And your quiet breathing,
The stories you told me,
The frost patterns on the windows,
English horns and banjos,
Wood Thrush and June bugs,
The smooth glassy calm of the morning pond,
An old coat,
A new poem,
My library card,
And that my car keeps running
Despite all the miles.
And after three things,
More often than not,
I get on a roll and I just keep on going,
I keep naming and listing,
Until I lie grinning,
Blankets pulled up to my chin,
Awash with wonder
At the sweetness of it all.
My gratitudes
I particularly loved the part about the song that make me cry always at the same part no matter how many times I hear it. I do that too with pieces that I play. No matter how many times I play a certain piece, it always penetrates my soul.
As much as I brush my teeth per day (which is actually more than 7 times for sure), I wish to remind myself to strengthen this gratitude muscle of my soul daily. Small, big, ordinary, extraordinary, significant, insignificant, every facet of my daily life. I am certain that the more we practice, the easier it becomes for us to savor every moment of our gift called life.
Right now these three things came into my mind.
·      a fresh blueberry scone from my favorite bakery with lavender tea while I type this.
·      A sound of garbage truck loading in the early morning, sensing the morning energy
·      The first 3 notes of La plus que lent by Debussy..
What about you?
What does it come to your mind? What makes this very moment of yours so wonderful? Please hit <reply> and share your glimpse of life with me too!
Have a wonderful week! 💕

This Week on Journey Through Classical Piano
'In the evening', Fantasiestücke Op. 12, No. 1 by Robert Schumann
My favorite things this week
  1. A book - Piano Pieces by Russel Sherman. A pianist and teacher, Russel, writes about the experience of piano playing and other unexpected subjects. A traditional classical music world yet thought provoking. I am enjoying it. He said to succeed as a pianist, one has to be a little inhuman or insane, stupid or brilliant. (oops, which one am I? haha)
  2. A gift after a virtual concert - A cute bear doll home delivery after the second virtual 30x3 concert. I miss a reception after the concert where I can meet and greet with audiences, sharing experiences in person, but I still felt an energy from all of you and immensely enjoyed the connection we created there.
My favorite Music This Week
A cellist, Sheku Kanneh-Mason, Elgar: Nimrod
A cellist, Sheku Kanneh-Mason, Elgar: Nimrod
Two things you need to know, if you don’t know yet. One is this young cellist, Sheku Kanneh-Mason, and the other is Nimrod variation from Elgar. If you are ready, these two combination might create a lasting ripple in your heart as you listen.
Quote of the Week
“Greatness is consistency. Meditating once is common. Meditating daily is rare. Exercising today is simple. Training every week is simply remarkable. Writing one essay rarely matters. Write every day and you’re practically a hero.
Unheroic days can make for heroic decades.” -James Clear
Tweet of the Week
Jeeyoon Kim, pianist
What happens when you need to create a track for a singer but you can’t be with them? This is how I practiced. 😉
This Week's Video to Highlight
A reflection of my first virtual concert, sharing my new mic/camera setup (THANK YOU! ❤️)
A reflection of my first virtual concert, sharing my new mic/camera setup (THANK YOU! ❤️)
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Jeeyoon Kim

Hi, I am Jeeyoon, classical pianist, educator, author, podcaster and YouTuber from US, originally from South Korea. I am passionate about creating a classical music more relevant and friendly to everyone, creating a bridge between me and audiences, and sharing behind the scenes of a life of classical pianist. I write bi-weekly newsletter with some thoughts, life lessons and interesting articles I discovered during those weeks.

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